Sydney Opera House sequence

Here are the original images of the Opera House that appear in the video. Despite my best efforts, the building isn't always centred in the images. The photos were taken from an over-water walkway that was conveniently built for the purpose of viewing the Opera House, about 40 years before the Opera House itself was built.
Download the original JPEGs (about 63MB). Resolution: 3072x2304

If you want to make a video out of the frames then you probably want the sequence to be stabilised. It's probably not the most obvious or correct method for a computer vision person to use, but I used AviSynth to stabilise the frames - it was quick and did a good enough job. The images in the zip file below are smaller than the raw photos above. If you need larger versions, you'll need AviSynth, VirtualDubMod, the DePan and MVTools AviSynth plgins and the FFTW plugin. Put these DLLs in the directory containing the original JPEGs (above). Then, put this .avs script in the same directory and open it in VirtualDubMod. You can save the individual frames using File -> Save image sequence.
Download the depanned JPEGs (about 6MB). Resolution: 1024x768

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Photos taken 10th January, 2009 on a fickle summer day. I took these photos myself - you have permission to use and reproduce them however you want.